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Architect a life of excellence. Before building a house or starting a company, we’d put a plan in place–a blueprint or an outline. But what about when we’re creating lives of excellence? It’s far too easy to “let life happen to us.” Join April and Eric Perry as we discuss Life Architecture, Productivity, Health, Family, and Spirituality. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and you’re ready to become something more than you are right now, this show is for you.
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Mar 13, 2019

My dream is a STEP (Steps to Everyday Productivity) Command Central on every desk–because I believe it will solve the “overwhelm” and change the world.  In today’s episode. I’m sharing a few really important things:

(1) Why a STEP Command Central is so unique—and so needed today

(2) What the components of the STEP Command Central actually ARE

(3) How it will impact your life so you can manage your self-care, your family, and your business

(4) And how you can use your Command Central to more fully find and live your purpose

Visit the full link for ALL the details- lots of great resources!

Mar 6, 2019

Can you imagine a life where you feel rested, rejuvenated, and totally replenished--as your natural state of being? (We're not quite there yet, but we're slowly learning what's working--and what's not working!) Come join us for a conversation about how to replenish yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially. And for all the links to the books, podcast episodes, and resources mentioned in the podcast, visit us at

Feb 9, 2019
Melanie Maxwell was literally drowning in piles, but changed her life as she learned to build her Command Central in the Steps to Everyday Productivity program. Some highlights included how she reclaimed her bedroom--after more than a year sleeping on a recliner, how she got all her tax papers in order and filed—then receiving 10,000 from a tax return, and how she and her family started cooking on a regular basis, saving money and creating more JOY in the process.....
Ready to experience this for yourself? Our STEP program is here for you!
Feb 6, 2019

Do you ever feel like you keep dealing with the same problems over and over again? And then you wonder why you’re so tired? In the midst of everyday craziness, it’s often difficult to know HOW to anchor ourselves so that we are no longer just drifting. Today we're sharing three simple, unique ways to anchor yourself in your values, so you have focus and direction when you ask, "What do I want to say with my life?" See show notes at:

Jan 30, 2019

We are ALL struggling with something, and I believe it’s time we face our challenges—whatever is holding us back—so we can move forward, with power. In today's episode, I share one of MY embarrassing secrets--and a few points to consider as you think about your own. Show notes at:

Jan 23, 2019

This week, I tripled my goals because of ONE question I considered, and I want to share it with you: Show notes: ‎

Jan 8, 2019

If you're like me, you are MORE than ready for an awesome 2019 to get on its way. If you have some mental, digital, and/or physical clutter that is holding you back from living your mission, here are two ideas that have REALLY helped launch our New Year!

Show Notes at: